Entrusted with Stewardship

Frank Viswanath
International Director

Frank has devoted his life to meeting the needs of children and children with disabilities. He serves as International Director, representing Children Left Behind Inc., and the services the organization offers to help meet the needs of poor, sick, and suffering children in India.

As International Director, Frank’s duties are to oversee both U.S. and overseas operations, which include fund raising and program development. Frank has been helping children and families affected by hunger, disabilities, and homelessness for over 20 years and has made this a priority for the organization.

Frank has pioneered several projects over the years and has produced remarkable results. Frank travels internationally and raises funds to support children in desperate need.

Amy Dempsey
Executive Director

Amy is a registered nurse and has devoted her life to helping others. She enjoys working with Children Left Behind to help provide children with assistance they need to live a long, healthy and successful life.

Amy initiates and organizes meetings and events to help raise funding and project support. She also directs fundraising, communications and policy. Amy also helps coordinate volunteers and interns to travel to India, providing a life changing experience in serving and helping children in need.

Oswald Dhanraj
President & CEO

Growing up in India Oswald saw firsthand the struggle that children experience in India. He was fortunate to get an education and able to come to the United States, where he has worked hard to have a successful career in Information Technology.

It is Oswald’s desire to help underprivileged and orphaned children to have the same opportunities he had. He co-founded Children Left Behind to partner and work with his childhood friend and classmate Frank Viswanath to provide an environment where children’s educational, medical, and living needs can be provided for.

He passionately believes every child should have the chance to fulfill their potential. It’s simply not right that children suffer neglect or abuse, or are held back because of disadvantage.

We always put children first in everything we do. Ensuring their safety and well-being is a promise we make to them and our supporters alike.