Partner With Us

partnerMost often children are exploited because their families are poor and without education.

Many of these families do not value education or see a need to educate their children. If the child is in school, they can’t be on the streets working to make money for the family. Our team works with established non-government organizations (NGOs) already working in these areas with local families to try to get them to enroll their children in school. We work hand-in-hand with these organizations to provide academic programming, on-site training, and reading, writing and math camps to educate these at-risk children, many of whom are unschooled, to help prepare them to enter a school setting successfully.

If you are interested in supporting our Educational Outreach Program for a one-time donation or partnering with us monthly, donations can be sent to Children Left Behind, a registered U.S non-profit organization. Donations are eligible to receive a tax deduction and can be made by credit card or check.